Job Fair

Academy Air is growing, and we are looking for friendly and outgoing individuals to join our team. You will be joining a family owned business that currently employs nearly 80 team members.  BENEFITS/ABOUT US At Academy Air, you have the opportunity to continue your education with ongoing training, while working a flexible full or part-time […]

Last Minute Tips to Make Sure Your Thanksgiving Runs Smoothly

Thanksgiving is barreling down on us and whether you’re hosting this year or just planning on doing a lot of cooking, you will be asking a great deal from your home. In the spirit of helping you sail through Thanksgiving this year, here are some helpful last-minute tips to avoid a holiday disaster. Avoid These Thanksgiving […]

Strange Noises and Scary Smells: Happy Halloween From Your Furnace

Burr! Waking up to a cold home on a chilly October morning is never fun. Unfortunately, it appears that the cold weather has arrived to the St. Louis area just in time for Halloween. These cooler temperatures may have you running to your furnace for warmth and comfort. But wait! What’s that sound? Where is that […]

How to Save on Heating Bills

The majority of people are embroiled in a modern day battle against their heating bills. Try as they might, reducing their bills is a big struggle. The battle against heating bills gets even tougher when the temperature drops. As the days get colder, your need for a warm home gets greater. So, people will often […]

What is Forced Air Heating?

There are many different home heating systems out there. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners who are looking for a new system to get overwhelmed with choices, and even get confused by some of the different options available. You may have heard of one option: forced air heating. If you’ve been on the look-out for a […]

Why Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

Gas furnaces are incredibly efficient, and highly reliable most of the time. However, just like any other mechanical system, they can have problems from time to time. Although a malfunctioning boiler may not be a serious problem in the warmer months, come winter it can be incredibly worrying. Especially if it’s your home’s main source […]

8 Things to Do When Your Furnace Ignitor Isn’t Igniting

A few years ago, most furnaces relied on standing pilot lights to work. A standing pilot light is a small gas flame that’s always ignited. This often has a green light bulb placed in front of it, so is seen as a green flicker from the outside of the furnace. The problem with standing pilot […]

Furnace Gas Valve Replacement: DIY Guide

If your home is fitted with a furnace, it’s important to make maintenance a priority. Because if you fail to do so, your furnace could end up failing to work, leaving you without any heating or hot water in your home. This might not be a major issue in the summer months, but in the […]

Dirty Sock Syndrome: All You Need to Know

If you have never heard of dirty sock syndrome before, you might take the name literally. But actually, this problem has nothing to do with bad smelling socks. Dirty sock syndrome is when your air conditioner produces a foul smell when it is turned on. This odor is often described as moldy and musty which […]

How to Set a Thermostat

A thermostat may only be a small device. But it’s one that no home can do without. It activates your air conditioner or boiler, to help you effectively regulate the temperature in your home. The thermostat does this by turning on these appliances at pre-set times of the day. It can also turn them off […]