HumidifierHumidity levels are a constant concern for those of us living in the St. Louis area. Not enough humidity can be both uncomfortable and, for some, hazardous. Then of course, too much humidity is often just as unpleasant. The good news is that Academy Air is here to help ensure that the humidity in your home remains at comfortable and safe levels. Our humidifiers are created to improve the humidity levels in your home and increase your quality of living. Additionally, our humidifiers can help you save money on your energy bills.

We have three different humidifiers, so you can choose the one that fits your needs:

  • Bypass: This is the most popular whole home humidifier we offer. The Bypass uses a water panel to absorb the moisture in the air of your home, then it bypasses your AC or furnace and mixes with air circulating in your vents.
  • Power: A power humidifier uses electricity to operate and it works a lot like a bypass whole home humidifier. However, a power humidifier also has an electric fan, that moves humidified air faster by only using a small amount of extra energy. This design is often a great option for larger homes and even small business buildings.
  • Steam: The steam humidifier works by utilizing electric probes to boil water. Then the steam that is created is injected right into your ductwork. A steam whole home humidifier is the most effective option we offer; however, it is also the most expensive to own and operate.

Healthy humidity levels range between 30 and 60 percent, according to experts. During the winter months, humidity levels can significantly drop below these healthy levels. This can be uncomfortable for you and your family and cause some health concerns for those at risk. Our whole home humidifiers work to keep your home comfortable and have these added health benefits.  

  • Helps prevent skin, hair and nasal passages from drying out.
  • Kills off bacteria and viruses that may cause the flu, colds and other health concerns.
  • Helps make the air in your home feel warmer, allowing you to save energy and money on heating during the winter months.

Humidifiers are often an inexpensive way to improve the comfort in your home and increase its efficiency. When you rely on Academy Air for your home’s humidity needs, we can guarantee your comfort and better efficiency.


At Academy Air we understand humidity and the discomfort that can come with an extremely dry home. Additionally, overly dry air can cause serious damage to your home and other valuables. Hardwood floors, antiques, pianos, artwork, moldings are just some of the items in your home that can be damaged of ruined by dry air.

Of course, your health is more important than your possessions and dry air can play havoc on your respiratory system. Which means maintaining the proper levels of humidity in your home is important for you and your family. Excessively dry air can make your home extremely uncomfortable. Our bypass whole home humidifiers may be the perfect solution for you.  

Our bypass humidifiers work by taking the hot, dry, uncomfortable air from your furnace’s supply side or air handler, then absorbs the moisture as it passes through the water panel that is located in the humidifier’s cabinet. The moist warm air then travels around a piece of ductwork to then return to the air side; thus, it by-passes your furnace or air handler. When this moist air mixes with the air in your system, it then delivers needed moisture throughout your home.

A bypass humidifier is our most popular whole home humidifier option for several reasons:

  • Firstly, they are the most affordable option.
  • It will work with both hard or soft water.
  • It is easy to maintain, and a yearly water panel replacement and component inspection is often all that is needed to care for the system.

*WARNING: Never use the archaic humidifiers that work with a water reservoir, rotating drum and float unit. These units are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, mold and even algae.

Power: More Humidity with Added Electricity

You work hard to take care of your family and home. So, you do not deserve to live in an uncomfortable, dry house. This is why we carry a selection of power humidifiers to help improve your quality of living.

How Does a Power Humidifier Work?

A power whole home humidifier works in a similar way as a bypass humidifier. It takes the humid air from the supply side of your furnace or air handler and then absorbs the moisture and runs it through a water panel in the humidifier’s cabinet. However, a power system has the added benefit of utilizing an electric fan. This fan helps speed up the humidification process. Power whole home humidifiers are especially designed for larger homes and smaller office buildings.

Additional benefits of a power humidifier include:

  • More capacity which leads to increased humidity.
  • Absorbs water more efficiently, wasting less water.
  • Requires minimal electricity to operate; needing about as much as a 25-watt lightbulb.

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