Furnace Repair

Winters in the St. Louis area are known for their unexpected snowy storms, icy roads and brutally cold temperatures. At Academy Air, we understand that your furnace plays a vital role in keeping you and your family warm and comfortable. And we also know what a nightmare it can be when your furnace unexpectedly breaks down on you and some of the issues that may arise when you are left without heat:

  • Your pipes may freeze in extreme cold leaving you without clean, running water
  • Frozen pipes are at risk of bursting and once they burst they will need to be repaired or replaced, which is often a rather large expense.
  • And of course, there are some major health concerns for you and your family to consider. Dangerously low temperatures create an increased risk of pneumonia, hypothermia, frostbite and certain cardiovascular diseases can be brought on by the cold. Each of these health issues could be fatal in the prolonged cold without immediate medical attention.

Furnace Repair

At Academy Air, we know how important it is to get a broken furnace up and running again for the safety of your family and that is why we take furnace repair extremely seriously. Which is why our highly trained and dedicated technicians are equipped with the latest technology and the best tools to return your heating system proper working order.

Our team can service and repair any brand or model of furnace or heating system. And our technicians are trained and ready to repair both electric or gas furnaces. So, you are in great hands when you turn to Academy Air to repair your furnace.

If your electric or gas furnace isn’t functioning properly or quits on you altogether, do not hesitate to contact the heating experts at Academy Air. Call us today at (314) 720-3580  or click here as soon as possible for an emergency repair.