Chimney Flue Liner

Chimney Flue Liner

Cuddling up in front of a fire is one of the perks of living through a winter in the St. Louis area. Unfortunately, that fireplace that you love can be dangerous as well. If your chimney is old, outdated and/or damage, you are at an increased risk of a house fire, when using your home’s fireplace.

Did You Know?

That your chimney may be breaking fire codes, making it illegal?

Your home and family’s safety are important to us at Academy Air and that is why we offer a variety of flue liners, which are designed to improve fireplace safety. Our flue liners are easily installed, so you can begin enjoying the comfort of your fireplace safely and legally.

An Academy Air Chimney Flue Liner Will Also:

  • Help prevent heat from your chimney from starting a fire in your home
  • Protect the walls of your chimney from becoming damaged by excessive heat
  • Save energy by sizing your chimney correctly

If you are looking forward to using your fireplace this winter, but you are concerned about the safety of your chimney, we can help you! Our chimney flue liners make your outdated chimney safer, more efficient and legal to use. Call us today at (314) 770-9800 or book online to find out how you can turn your old fireplace into a reliable heater.