AC Repair

Professional Air Conditioning Repair, When You Need It!

Summers in the St. Louis area are known for their extremely hot temperatures and high humidity levels. The last thing you want to deal with during an unexpected heat wave is a broken and malfunctioning AC Unit.

AC Repair

Unfortunately, air conditioners do break down sometimes and you can bet they will break down when you need them most. We know that the only thing that really matters when your AC breaks down on you, is that you get it fixed as quickly as possible. The good news is that our highly trained technicians are ready and able to get your home cooling again.

Extreme heat can cause health issues, increased humidity levels can damage the interior of your home and not to mention how uncomfortable and miserable an un-air-conditioned home can be. That is why at Academy Air we offer top-notch air conditioning repair when you it need most.

Don’t hesitate to call Academy Air at (314) 720-3580  or book online when your AC needs help. We’ll get your air conditioner unit fixed so you can keep cool and relaxed on the hottest days of the year.