AC Installation and Replacement

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AC Installation

A summer in the St. Louis area means excessively high temperatures, record-breaking days, droughts, heat advisory’s and unreasonably high humidity. The good news is that we at Academy Air offer several ways for you to beat the heat and get back to enjoying your summer.

  • High-Efficiency Air Conditioners: High-Efficiency AC’s are designed to save you both energy and money. These units are a worthwhile investment that will also keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long!
  • Standard Efficient Air Conditioners: This is the benchmark AC system and it is guaranteed to keep your home cool!
  • Mini-Splits: These are ductless systems that are designed to cool one or more rooms with individual AC Units, which are connected to an outside condenser/compressor. They are super easy to install and they are nearly as efficient as a standard AC Unit.
  • Geothermal Cooling: This system sucks warm air out of your home and shoots it back into the earth, where it will cool. Geothermal cooling systems operate much like a heat pump and it is an efficient, sustainable investment for your home.

Let the professionals at Academy Air protect your home from the extreme summer heat. Call us today at (314) 720-3580 or chick here to find out more information about the air conditioning systems we offer!

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners

You want to stay cool at a reasonable price and we want to help! That is why we continue to offer our High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems.

Stay Cool, While Saving Money!

Energy bills can spike in the St. Louis area during the summer months when the temperatures climb into the 90’s or 100+. But what can you do? You want a cool and safe home all summer, which often means that you must bite the bullet and pay the extra costs your energy bills occur.

What if there was a better option?

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems are designed to lower energy costs, while keeping your home at comfortable as you desire.

Our High-Efficiency Air Conditioners can help lower your home’s energy consumption by at least 28%. Meaning you save more than $300 per year on your energy costs. This is an investment that will save you money and pay for itself over time.

The basic functionality of a high-efficiency AC Unit is quite similar to a standard efficiency model, but with a more efficient engine and more surface area within the device. The additional surface area allows the unit more room to exchange the warm air for cold air, increasing the unit’s efficiency.

Our High-Efficiency Air Conditioners are guaranteed to provide you and your family with optimal comfort at a minimal cost. So, stop overpaying on your energy bill because your old AC isn’t efficient. Call Academy Air at (314) 720-3580 or click here for more info on the high-efficiency air conditioners we offer.

Standard Efficient Air Conditioners

Excessively high temperatures put your comfort and your family’s health in danger. At Academy Air, we want to eliminate that threat. Let us make your home a more comfortable, healthy place!

Staying Cool and Keeping it Simple

Looking for some relief from the summer heat? Our Standard Efficient Air Conditioning Systems are a popular option when it comes to upgrading your AC Unit. For several decades, our Standard Efficiency ACs have been the benchmark for summer comfort in the St. Louis area. So, if you are ready to upgrade, this is a perfect option for your home.

How Does a Standard Efficient Air Conditioner Work?

They work by pulling in outside air and running it past a series of cooling coils inside the unit. The cooler air is then sent through the ductwork in your home and dispensed through your vents. This process results in a comfortable cool home.  

Don’t let you and your family suffer in the harsh summer heat. Contact Academy Air by phone at (314) 720-3580 or click here to learn more about a standard efficiency air conditioner.


You may think that you are doomed to a life without AC simply because your home lacks the wiring or ductwork required for traditional central air conditioners but you would be wrong! Mini-Split Cooling Systems are the answers to your summer AC woos.

A Small Solution for a Big Problem

Installing new ductwork and wiring for an AC System is expensive, time-consuming and sometimes not even possible. A Mini-Split Cooling System removes the need for ductwork or wiring. This system works by utilizing an outdoor condensing unit, which cools the outside air. Then that cooled air is sent to individual wall-mounted AC Units, installed in convenient locations throughout your home. A Mini-Split System can supply up to four rooms in your home with cool, comfortable air. The system is easy to install and maintain.

If you need a new cooling system, but don’t have a home equipped for central air, our Mini-Split Cooling System may be the best option for you. Contact Academy Air today by phone at (314) 720-3580 or click here to find out more about how a Mini-Split may be the choice for you.

Geothermal Cooling

If you’re the kind of person that values sustainability as much as comfort, we have the cooling system for you; a Geothermal Air Conditioner.

Sustainable and Comfortable

Our Geothermal Air Conditioning Systems utilize an arrangement of pipes that will run underneath your home in a loop. These pipes will go deep into the ground where the temperature remains a constant 50 degrees. When the temperature in your home becomes too warm, the system pumps that warm air down through the pipes. Then when the air is below ground it cools and is pumped back through the remainder of the piping and into your home as cold air.

One of the best things about using a Geothermal Air Conditioning System is that it is extremely energy efficient. This system uses between 400 and 600% less energy than a traditional air conditioning system. Meaning, you can save up to 80% on your cooling costs each year and the energy you save can help you stay as sustainable as possible.

Be more sustainable and more comfortable. Contact Academy Air by phone at (314) 720-3580 or click here to learn more about the benefits of our geothermal systems.