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Energy Recovery Ventilator

Fresh Air That’s Highly Efficient

You care about fresh air and an energy efficient home. We care about making sure you have it. That’s why we offer the highest quality energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) available today. Our homes are tightly built and upgraded to maximize efficiency. This “tightness” traps contaminates, especially carbon dioxide (CO2). Without proper fresh air exchanges, CO2 levels rise. If you remember, this is what plagued the Apollo 13 mission—CO2 build up, not carbon monoxide (CO). The quickest and easiest way to bring in fresh air is to open a window. Of course that doesn’t work when it’s cold, hot, raining, or during high-pollen season, if you have allergies. So your only alternative is an ERV.

An ERV uses an on-board fan to exchange stale inside air with fresh, clean, oxygen-rich outside air through a desiccant material. This technology allows the transfer of heat and humidity to benefit the homeowner. The ERV “recovers energy” you’ve use to condition your inside air, saving you money. In the summer, the heat and humidity that comes with outside air is transferred to the outgoing stale air, bringing in cooler, less humid fresh air. In the winter, your humidified warm air from inside transfers the heat and humidity to the cold, dry fresh air coming in. You recover 70% of your energy while providing fresh healthy air to your indoor environment.

Another benefit of the ERV with the air exchanges is the reduction of radon build up as well as other harmful toxins and gasses.

Our elite technicians are trained on all manufacturers’ products to ensure they can easily and quickly install an ERV in your home.

Why We Do It

If you open your windows you get fresh air, but lose efficiency. If you leave your windows closed you save energy, but you’re stuck with stale air. With our energy recovery ventilators, you will never have to make that decision. You can have both because we want you to feel comfortable and save money in your home.

If you’re looking for a great way to make your HVAC system work harder for you, this is the solution. Our energy recovery ventilators are guaranteed to upgrade your energy efficiency and comfort levels. Contact Academy Air today by phone at (314) 770-9800 or click here.

Complete safety is the ultimate comfort. That’s why we offer a number of options for improving the safety of your heating and cooling system. To learn more about how we can make your home a safer and happier place click here.

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